neurodynex3.exponential_integrate_fire package


neurodynex3.exponential_integrate_fire.exp_IF module

Exponential Integrate-and-Fire model. See Neuronal Dynamics, Chapter 5 Section 2


A simple example

neurodynex3.exponential_integrate_fire.exp_IF.simulate_exponential_IF_neuron(tau=12. * msecond, R=20. * Mohm, v_rest=-65. * mvolt, v_reset=-60. * mvolt, v_rheobase=-55. * mvolt, v_spike=-30. * mvolt, delta_T=2. * mvolt, I_stim=<brian2.input.timedarray.TimedArray object>, simulation_time=200. * msecond)[source]

Implements the dynamics of the exponential Integrate-and-fire model

  • tau (Quantity) – Membrane time constant
  • R (Quantity) – Membrane resistance
  • v_rest (Quantity) – Resting potential
  • v_reset (Quantity) – Reset value (vm after spike)
  • v_rheobase (Quantity) – Rheobase threshold
  • v_spike (Quantity) – voltage threshold for the spike condition
  • delta_T (Quantity) – Sharpness of the exponential term
  • I_stim (TimedArray) – Input current
  • simulation_time (Quantity) – Duration for which the model is simulated

A b2.StateMonitor for the variable “v” and a b2.SpikeMonitor

Return type:

(voltage_monitor, spike_monitor)

Module contents