Source code for neurodynex3.hopfield_network.plot_tools

Helper tools to visualize patterns and network state

# This file is part of the exercise code repository accompanying
# the book: Neuronal Dynamics (see
# located at

# This free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
# the terms of the GNU General Public License 2.0 as published by the
# Free Software Foundation. You should have received a copy of the
# GNU General Public License along with the repository. If not,
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# Should you reuse and publish the code for your own purposes,
# please cite the book or point to the webpage

# Wulfram Gerstner, Werner M. Kistler, Richard Naud, and Liam Paninski.
# Neuronal Dynamics: From Single Neurons to Networks and Models of Cognition.
# Cambridge University Press, 2014.

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import neurodynex3.hopfield_network.pattern_tools as pattern_tools
import numpy as np
import matplotlib

[docs]def plot_pattern(pattern, reference=None, color_map="brg", diff_code=0): """ Plots the pattern. If a (optional) reference pattern is provided, the pattern is plotted with differences highlighted Args: pattern (numpy.ndarray): N by N pattern to plot reference (numpy.ndarray): optional. If set, differences between pattern and reference are highlighted """ plt.figure() if reference is None: p = pattern overlap = 1 else: p = pattern_tools.get_pattern_diff(pattern, reference, diff_code) overlap = pattern_tools.compute_overlap(pattern, reference) plt.imshow(p, interpolation="nearest", cmap=color_map) if reference is not None: plt.title("m = {:0.2f}".format(round(overlap, 2))) plt.axis("off")
[docs]def plot_overlap_matrix(overlap_matrix, color_map="bwr"): """ Visualizes the pattern overlap Args: overlap_matrix: color_map: """ plt.imshow(overlap_matrix, interpolation="nearest", cmap=color_map) plt.title("pattern overlap m(i,k)") plt.xlabel("pattern k") plt.ylabel("pattern i") norm = matplotlib.colors.Normalize(vmin=-1, vmax=1) plt.colorbar(, cmap=color_map))
[docs]def plot_pattern_list(pattern_list, color_map="brg"): """ Plots the list of patterns Args: pattern_list: color_map: Returns: """ f, ax = plt.subplots(1, len(pattern_list)) if len(pattern_list) == 1: ax = [ax] # for n=1, subplots() does not return a list _plot_list(ax, pattern_list, None, "P{0}", color_map)
def _plot_list(axes_list, state_sequence, reference=None, title_pattern="S({0})", color_map="brg"): """ For internal use. Plots all states S(t) or patterns P in state_sequence. If a (optional) reference pattern is provided, the patters are plotted with differences highlighted Args: state_sequence: (list(numpy.ndarray)) reference: (numpy.ndarray) title_pattern (str) pattern injecting index i """ for i in range(len(state_sequence)): if reference is None: p = state_sequence[i] else: p = pattern_tools.get_pattern_diff(state_sequence[i], reference, diff_code=-0.2) if np.max(p) == np.min(p): axes_list[i].imshow(p, interpolation="nearest", cmap='RdYlBu') else: axes_list[i].imshow(p, interpolation="nearest", cmap=color_map) axes_list[i].set_title(title_pattern.format(i)) axes_list[i].axis("off")
[docs]def plot_state_sequence_and_overlap(state_sequence, pattern_list, reference_idx, color_map="brg", suptitle=None): """ For each time point t ( = index of state_sequence), plots the sequence of states and the overlap (barplot) between state(t) and each pattern. Args: state_sequence: (list(numpy.ndarray)) pattern_list: (list(numpy.ndarray)) reference_idx: (int) identifies the pattern in pattern_list for which wrong pixels are colored. """ if reference_idx is None: reference_idx = 0 reference = pattern_list[reference_idx] f, ax = plt.subplots(2, len(state_sequence)) if len(state_sequence) == 1: ax = [ax] print() _plot_list(ax[0, :], state_sequence, reference, "S{0}", color_map) for i in range(len(state_sequence)): overlap_list = pattern_tools.compute_overlap_list(state_sequence[i], pattern_list) ax[1, i].bar(range(len(overlap_list)), overlap_list) ax[1, i].set_title("m = {1}".format(i, round(overlap_list[reference_idx], 2))) ax[1, i].set_ylim([-1, 1]) ax[1, i].get_xaxis().set_major_locator(plt.MaxNLocator(integer=True)) if i > 0: # show lables only for the first subplot ax[1, i].set_xticklabels([]) ax[1, i].set_yticklabels([]) if suptitle is not None: f.suptitle(suptitle)
[docs]def plot_network_weights(hopfield_network, color_map="jet"): """ Visualizes the network's weight matrix Args: hopfield_network: color_map: """ plt.figure() plt.imshow(hopfield_network.weights, interpolation="nearest", cmap=color_map) plt.colorbar()