1. Setting up Python and Brian

1.1. Using python and pip

We provide the most recent versions of this repository as a pypi package called neurodynex.

To install the exercises using pip simply execute (the --upgrade flag will overwrite existing installations with the newest versions):

pip install --upgrade neurodynex

1.2. Using anaconda/miniconda

We offer anaconda packages for the most recent releases, which is the easiest way of running the exercises.

Head over to the miniconda download page and install miniconda (for Python 2.7 preferably). To install or update the exercise classes for your anaconda environment, it suffices to run:

conda install -c brian-team -c epfl-lcn neurodynex


Should you want to run Spyder to work on the exercises, and you’re running into problems (commonly, after running conda install spyder you can not start spyder due to an error related to numpy), try the following:

# create a new conda environment with spyder and the exercises
conda create --name neurodynex -c brian-team -c epfl-lcn neurodynex spyder

# activate the environment
source activate neurodynex

This creates a new conda environment (here is more information on conda environments) in which you can use spyder together with the exercises.